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Nexon is building a suite of innovative products based on zkSync. Donate now to join the Nexon revolution in bringing DeFi to the mainstream.
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You can donate any token on any EVM comptaible chains.
Eg: zkSync, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, BSC, Fantom, etc.
Nexon Army NFT
Ensuring the security of our products and services has always been our top priority. The donated funds will be used to cover the cost of smart contract audits. The funds shall be used to boost our efforts to build a suite of lending products on zkSync. The fund allocation for further development of the platform will help Nexon to stay ahead of the curve and continue being a pioneer in innovation across the zkSync ecosystem. Your donations will help us overcome financial and resource constraints and increase our chances of success. The donations will also ensure sustainable progress of the Nexon ecosystem with emphasis on community, ecosystem & marketing initiatives to foster user outreach and amplify our branding efforts across various channels, through strategic partnerships and collaborations.